Welcome to Sophie’s Silver Lining Fund

Sophie Large was tragically killed in a car accident in February 1998, aged nineteen. Her parents, Cherry and Stephen Large, set up a Memorial Fund, to be known as SOPHIE’S SILVER LINING FUND, to help needy young artists with the considerable expenses of their training in acting or singing. The inspiration for the Fund comes from Sophie’s own words in a Haiku.

How can the End

Be the Beginning Again

When All seems Lost?

Thanks to the energy, commitment and talent of Cherry and Stephen, and the generosity of their supporters, the charity has raised tens of thousands of pounds and has assisted a large number of students. You can learn about some of the ways in which this money has been raised, and who has benefited from it, by exploring the website. The success of the Fund has also helped Cherry and Stephen come to terms with their loss. In 2007, they stood down as Trustees to pursue other interests: Stephen climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for charity while Cherry supervised the superb conversion of a barn on their property into a private arts venue known as Sophie’s Barn.

The charity continues to be run by a group of Trustees.

Our Patrons are Dame Judi Dench and Sir Thomas Allen